Super SJ


(English) The SuperSJ is a semi auto inertia operating system. The locking system incorporates a rotating locking head. The big advantage to purchase the inertia SuperSJ is the absence of maintenance. Combining smart technology for superior reliability. This project let you play with an incredible range of ammunitions: form 28gr to 64gr. SJ12_super mag Weight & balance The weight of our SuperSJ is 3,1kg. The first benefit is a fast tilt staight to the objective. Also the shooters body was taken into account in the development of the gun to allow the balance of our SuperSJ to be split in the best way to assist the shooter. You will shoot fast round by round. Our production capacity let us mill parts so accurate, the quality is very high an the customer gain the benefits!

SJ12_super mag_sezione carcassa

SJ12_super mag_cartucce Barrels Marocchi himself manufactures for its own product the barrel. Thanks to a traditional process we produce the barrel starting from the blank material. We drill all the stell piece with special tools for all the length of the barrel. Our barrel’s are drilled 18.3, 18.4 and 18.5 as standard and 100% of the production is checked by our quality department. Our methods are very expensive which results in trowing away close to 90% of the material as production waste. In this way we prevent tension of the material improving the performance of the barrel. canna SJ12 Chokes Marocchi was amongst the first companies to believe in choke tubes 70mm. Built with the same steel of the barrels we believe that the same elasticity of the materials encourages the distribution of shot in shot pattern. Chrome internally has a very low roughness in order to reduce the deformation of the lead during the passage. Still using the same technology we have developed our extension barrel ideal for those who need superior shooting performances. strozz_ass_SJ12 - Copia