SI20 is a semi auto inertia operating system. The locking system incorporates a rotating locking head. The big advantage to purchase a inertia Si12 is the absence of maintenance. A smart technology for a superior reliability.


Weight & balance
We built the SI20 for those who bring lightness and exceptional handling in the first place. With its 2.60 / 2.65 kg SI20 is a small masterpiece. This has been possible thanks to the use of a frame made ​​of aluminum alloy super light allowing perfect weight balance. The result is a rifle shouldering easy and rapid panning.


The SI20 was born on customer demand, Marocchi wanted to complete the already established 12 gauge with a viable alternative for lovers of 20 gauge. The goal was to make our shotgun interesting from all points of view. The semi auto is very well-kept appearance. Just handle the grade1 to appreciate the Italian product and care in manufacturing.

Barrels and chokes 70mm
Takes you easily, even on long hunting trips allowing exceptional shooting performance thanks to the barrel Marocchi drilled from solid. The very-well made 70mm chokes are built with the same technology and steel barrels piercing the same, the elasticity is the same for an excellent result.


Si20 Grade1

Technical information

What has been said for SI20 is combined with a jewel well-finished . The Si20 grade1 stock incorporates top quality oil with a beautiful nickel finish stainless steel color. The incision is very delicate: an ornate floral skillfully deployed. The intent is just to convey lightness to those who keep the weapon. An object spokesman for the Italian style.

Caliber 20 gauge
Chamber Magnum
Barrel Length 66, 71 cm magnum
Receiver 7075 T6
Stock and forend walnut lasertech finishing
Weight 2.7 kg, 66cm barrel length
Magazine 4 cartridges; 2 where required
Packing plastic case with 5 chokes included


Technical information

If you are looking for a 20 gauge with ballistic qualities superior handling the same as a 12 gauge, our Si20 is the rifle for you. The entry-level version with walnut stock and forearm in finished oil with the  frame anodized black. Note the wrap-around checkering on the pistol grip which favors the handling and repetition of shots in succession.

Caliber 20 gauge
Chamber Magnum
Barrel Length 66,71 cm magnum
Receiver 7075 T6
Stock and forend walnut standard
Weight 2.7 kg 66cm barrel length
Magazine 4 cartridges, 2 where required
Packing carton with 5 chokes included